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Have you been treated disrespectful from your mortgage company?

We understand how frustrating this can be, with us on your side, you’ll no longer be treated like a number or with disrespect.

Were you told by the mortgage company that they will not stop your foreclosure sale?

This can be an extremely strenuous situation! We deal directly with the decision maker’s at your mortgage company, we know the many ways to stop a foreclosure sale.

Housing & Financial Educator Inc.
Housing & Financial Educator Inc.

Have you been denied all workout solutions?

In most cases the mortgage company makes mistakes when doing your back end paperwork. We know how to handle appeals, understand the guidelines and financials to get you in a program that is suitable for you, NOT your mortgage company.

Are you confused by the documents the mortgage company sends & request that you fill out?

We specialize in this! Incorrect documents lead to delays and more fee’s added to what you owe the mortgage company.

This is the first step in getting this matter resolved correctly.